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Free shipping & returns

We think that trying a new pair of sunglasses should be simple (and free!) for you. That's why we offer free shipping & returns within the United States.

wubo® Replacement Program

Accidents happen. If you break or lose your glasses within one year of purchase, we will provide you with a replacement pair (just pay shipping & handling)

Free "Fold-it" Flat Hard Case

Every pair of wubos comes complete with our innovative orange "fold-it" flat travel case. It provides the protection of a hard case but can easily be folded flat for storage purposes.

why wubo?

We are on a mission to build the best sunglasses in the world. Period. Our unwavering commitment to our customers and the unique character and craftsmanship of our sunglasses set us apart from the competition. 

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A few of our reviews :)

These are way better than any high end sunglasses I’ve bought, and they are half the price! They are a blend of high-quality, solid fit, and a style that works for a wide variety of people. I can’t get over the fact that these come with a heavy duty hard case that collapses into my purse so seamlessly!

These sunglasses look cool, feel great, and are really sturdy! Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

As soon as I picked up the sunglasses from the box I knew they weren't just ordinary glasses. Not only do they have a stylish appearance but they feel super well built and sit comfortably on your face.

I don't normally buy high-end eyewear because of the price tag, but Wubo sunglasses are on a different level. They are much more affordable and I don't feel like I'm sacrificing quality at all! Not to mention, they look good and fit great. Highly recommend!

I was so excited to get my sunglasses. The second I got the package, I open it and wore the sunglasses 2 hours straight. Amazing quality, durable, and comfortable, worth the wait for sure.